Our Story

Muthu Jewellery embraces the beauty and diversity of cultures from across the globe. Based in Sydney, Australia, each piece has been lovingly designed by jewellery designer Thilini, who draws much inspiration from her Sri Lankan heritage, creating jewels which she describes as 'Ethnic Luxe'. All our jewellery are intricately handmade with love and care by both Thilini and a team of creative artisans. Muthu Jewellery is designed to be layered, mixed and matched to create your own individual style! Follow us on our journey as we share behind the scenes insights as well as our many dreams, projects and aspirations ahead!


'Muthu' is a nickname my mother gave to me from a young age and in our language (sinhalese), it translates to a 'Precious Pearl' ... so i thought it was quite appropriate for a brand name and a nice personal touch. Or maybe even just meant to be :) ?

As for my jewellery venture ... I've always considered myself to be creative and would love making jewellery for friends when I was younger (yes, you know who you are girls hehe). I never thought at the time it would evolve into something i'd love and appreciate to this extent, but I am truly enjoying every bit of it! All throughout my Uni Design degree, I thought I'd become a Graphic Designer or Photographer and I still do love and enjoy both those, yet I always knew there was something more out there for me ...


Gratefully, in 2013, I was given an amazing opportunity for a collaboration with renowned Australian jewellery designer Samantha Wills as well as Russh Magazine, to launch one of my designs, 'Manik', alongside the SW brand. It was this very experience that truly opened my eyes to world of jewellery design as a dream I wished to accomplish for myself as well! This was definitely a turning point for me and one I will forever be grateful for! (I'll share more details about this experience in an upcoming blog post, but in the meantime, ill share a recent pic of the two of us here instead hehe). 


Thank you kindly for supporting Muthu Jewellery! Follow us on social media for all the latest updates or contact me directly on for any questions, or if you'd like to just say hello, I would love to hear from you :)



Thilini xo
(Creative Director & Designer)